Car Hard to Start in the Morning ?

A sudden drop in temperature can affect your car in all sorts of ways. Especially if your car is parked outdoors. So, it’s useful to know a few winter car maintenance tips.

Understand the causes of hard starting when your engine is cold.

The Battery

If your battery is weak this can be a major cause of your car not starting in the cold. The battery works by using a chemical reaction to create the electricity needed to start your vehicle and power lights and accessories.

As the battery ages the lead plates begin to corrode and the battery becomes less effective. As less power is produced the harder your car will be to start. You can measure the current output of your battery with a tool designed specifically for the purpose. This battery tester will give you a recommended reading. Then you’ll know if the battery needs to be replaced.

The Oil

As the temperature falls the oil becomes thicker and slower. That’s why it’s so important to get the oil changed on a regular basis. Clean, new oil will ensure your engine stays free from contaminants, and works efficiently.

Oil filters also need to be replaced periodically as they hold debris that can damage the engine. It’s a good idea to check that you’re using the right oil for your car. The majority of new cars use a thinner oil which is good news for winter weather.

The Starter Motor

The motion of the starter motor engages electrical contacts that start your engine. These contacts can wear over a period of time and give a reduction in power to your starter motor.

The starter switch is normally worked by the ignition key. Once the engine starts the contact supplies a low current to the motor so that it turns slowly. If the current is disrupted your car won’t start and you may need a new starter.

close up of a snow flake

Keeping Your Car Warm Indoors

What’s the best way to heat a garage? This question is simply answered. You can install a small electric heater to raise the temperature. Oil filled radiators are relatively inexpensive and can be quite economical. Read reviews for recommended garage heaters and find one that suits your needs.

And Outdoors

There’s a whole range of covers designed for outdoor use. These hold in the heat and help protect your car during extreme temperatures. Weather blockers and defenders are available for every size vehicle.

Outdoor covers have stronger resistance to water penetration without causing mildew and body panel corrosion. When conditions get cold you’ll have that extra protection against snow and icy rain. And your doors and windows won’t freeze over. Thicker construction means snow will be kept out and the cover won’t stick to the surface paint.

Basic Maintenance

  • Keep your car clean – particularly during winter weather when roads are salted
  • Top-up windscreen washer fluid – visibility can be impaired by salt and sludge
  • Make sure anti-freeze is topped up – be guided by the instructions in the handbook
  • Keep the fuel tank at least half full – this decreases the risk of condensation which can cause starting issues
  • Replace worn wiper blades – intense cold can cause then to crack
  • Check tyres – and change to meet legal requirements if necessary

Can’t Get Started?

Get in touch with professional car recovery services. You’ll get immediate help at the roadside. Or get a fully insured recovery option. All you’ll need to do is let the engineers know where you are to get a free quote without any obligation. And you’ll soon be back on the road again.