Honda Jazz Common Faults

The Honda Jazz is a five-door front wheel drive manufactured and marketed by the Japanese company Honda. The latest version is practical and well-equipped. It has a stylish and comfortable interior, and running costs are frugal. Within the supermini range, this car is classy and vibrant.

However, there are some things to look for when buying a second-hand Honda Jazz. There are a few warning signs that indicate the car may be suffering from well-known issues. See some Honda Jazz common faults here…

Electrical Issues

This could be a fault with the window switches if your windows struggle to open and close. Or won’t operate at all. Window control units may need to be replaced. And you should inspect doors and other electrically operated systems to ensure that they are responsive.

In 2011 there was a recall due to a connector on the headlight switch which could melt and stop the low beam coming on. Make sure you check this out.

Gearbox Difficulties

Honda Jazz automatic gearbox problems include juddering when pulling off and a lot of noise. You’ll need to make sure that the fluid has been replaced regularly or this can cause damage to the clutch. And see that the belt is working properly.

Manual gearbox issues are rare but can include a selection problem which would need fixing.

Brake Problems

Brake pads can be faulty and may need early replacements. You’ll be able to judge this from visual wear and tear. And the distance it takes you to stop when breaking as this is often increased. Check the brakes at speed before you buy.

If the handbrake doesn’t seem to be holding the car there could a problem with the handbrake calliper. This can easily be replaced to resolve this issue. In 2008 cars were recalled due to a manufacturing issue that could cause damage to the handbrake mechanism. And repeated use produced an inability to hold.

Door Difficulties

Honda Jazz problems can include the door locks as they may become worn and unable to be opened with the key provided. If the locks can’t be repaired you may have to replace them.

Check around the rear doors as cracked seals will mean issues with water leakage when it rains. The worst-case scenario is that the entire door will need changing.

Exhaust Blockage Snags

There can sometimes be issues with the exhaust not working properly due to a blockage, that in turn causes the running of the engine to be irregular. There is an increased risk of this happening when the car has simply been used as a run-around in the local area. And not been subject to long journeys.

Boot Leaking Complications

The compartment inside the boot located on the boot floor can be prone to leaking. This occurs through the wheel arches when it rains heavily. And you’ll find condensation and water getting into the boot. Faulty seals are often the culprit. And will need replacing. This is one of the faults that Honda will fix free of charge if the car is still under warranty.

Miscellaneous Glitches

The Honda Jazz seems to run best on Premium unleaded fuel. Switching to this higher-grade option eliminates any potential pinging. Grinding noises, particularly when cornering at low speed indicate that a CV joint is worn and needs replacing.

Blocked oil passages will need to be thoroughly cleaned to keep the engine free of sludge. And a change to high-quality oil is best for ongoing top-ups.

Proper maintenance and regular servicing will be required to keep your Honda Jazz on the road. Choose a reputable garage to carry out any repairs. Or get parts delivered to your door to do the upkeep yourself.

If Your Honda Jazz Breaks Down

Need vehicle recovery? Whether you’ve broken down or your Honda Jazz has been in an accident, trusted professional car recovery mechanics will soon be with you. All you need to do is call to confirm your location. Get a free quote without any obligation. And someone will soon be with you.

You can make arrangements to have your Honda Jazz collected from your driveway. Or at the roadside. And you can get it safely transported to your garage. Or wherever you need to go. Without any hassle.