Hyundai i10 Common Problems

The new Hyundai i10 is a small city car – fuel-efficient and featuring intelligent safety systems. New projection fog lights provide the ultimate vision and illuminated glove boxes and luggage lights automatically turn on.

With rear parking sensors, steering wheel remote controls, and automatic air conditioning this car is fun to drive on the motorway or winding through country lanes.

In January 2014 the Hyundai i10 was named What Car? City Car of the Year. And held onto this award the following year. However, older models can have issues. When you’re intending to buy second hand it’s worth knowing what snags you may find. See a range of Hyundai i10 common problems here…

What to Look For and When You Need a Professional Car Recovery Services

Used Hyundai i10 common faults include:

Brake Failure

Rear brake pads sticking is a common complaint – the i10 scores above average for brake disc wear in recent surveys but below average for brake pad wear. Brake failure can be extremely dangerous so you need to ensure you can isolate any braking problems by test driving the car to see if the car decelerates normally.

Check the brake system including the fluid. Replace the brake pads as necessary and ask a mechanic to check the brake power boost. And the brake cylinders as these may need replacing.

Hyundai i10 logo on Hyundai i10 black steering wheel

Starting Problems

The Hyundai i10 is known for issues with the immobiliser – caused by a fault in the electronic receiver inside the unit. This results in communication difficulties between the immobiliser and the key – leading to trouble starting the car

To resolve this error, you’ll need to take the car to a dealer who will re-programme the electronic receiver.

Transmission Issues

Hyundai i10 automatic gearbox problems aren’t unusual either. The reasons for this can cover leaking which results in low fluid levels. This problem can be avoided by changing the fluid and the filter on as instructed by the manufacturer.

A slipping transmission when a certain gear shifts to another can be a sign of wear and tear on your transmission line and that needs urgent attention. Any automatic transmission issues will affect the electronics circuit – preventing it from working properly.
If the flax plate – also known as the flywheel – is broken you’ll be able to see the damage. This results in the non-transfer of complete engine power to the transmission.

Gear shift lock is the most dangerous as when the car goes into first gear it refuses to shift to another gear. This can be a fault with the transmission shift solenoid which pushes the fluid through the system. Make sure that the shift lock release button is working to enable you to solve this issue quickly. Before making your purchase it’s wise to get a mechanic to check all components for any safety issues.

Noisy Engine

Strange noises coming from the engine can indicate a clogged fuel filter. Or ignition or spark plug problems. A tapping noise that gets louder when you rev the engine could be due to low oil pressure, or wear and tear of parts.

A failing water pump can cause a grinding noise and be a sign that the alternator is on the way out. The engine making a sound on running at a low RPM is one of the most common complaints made about used Hyundai i10s.

Headlight Adjustments

A used Hyundai i10 may also have glitches with the headlight adjustment not working at all. This is due to a fault with the adjuster switch itself. And you’ll need to have the adjuster switch replaced to get proper headlight alteration.

Unsecured Floor Mats

Although the mats are screwed down initially over the years they’re prone to becoming loose which can be dangerous whilst driving. The solution to this is to have the holes re-drilled and the carpets re-fitted.

Non-Opening Fuel Flap

Another familiar problem with this model is a fuel flap that won’t open. This should happen when the interior switch is clicked. This can be caused by the bracket catching on the hinge end of the flap – and will need to be adjusted to allow the flap to open properly.

Keys for Hyundai with Starting Problems

Need Roadside Assistance?

If your Hyundai i10 has broken down you need to call a trusted and safe roadside assistance provider. All you have to do is confirm your location. Get a free quote upfront without any obligation. And a trained and qualified mechanic will be with you quickly. Providing you with an essential fully insured service.