Most Common Causes For Car Breakdowns

Cold winter months can take their toll on your car – particularly if you’ve been a little lax with the maintenance. But summer months can also be destructive if you don’t take care. As temperatures rise your car can get as hot as you! Take a look at the most common causes for car breakdowns here…

Dead battery

Problems with the battery are normally due to lots of short journeys or poor electrical connections. When you hear a clicking sound as you turn the ignition key you’ll know the battery is dead – you’ll need a jump start to get it going again. Have your battery’s charge tested every few months to avoid any surprises, and charge it yourself overnight every couple of weeks. Keep a spare set of jump leads in your car for emergencies.

Faulty alternator

The alternator is closely connected to the battery and battery issues can be caused by increased demand on the alternator. Power draining devices and hot summer months can bring problems – if the red warning light starts to flick in the vehicle dashboard you need to pull over to investigate.

Damaged tyres and wheels

If your tyre blows whilst you’re driving stay calm and slowly pull over to the side of the road. If you’re in a safe place and you’ve got a jack and a spare tyre you can change it yourself. Many new cars only have a tyre inflator and sealant kit to enable you to get to a garage. If you’ve struck a kerb or pothole you’ll need to check for damage to your wheels and rims.

You should check the tread depth of your tyres regularly – uneven tyre wear may mean your wheels are misaligned which will need fixing by a tyre specialist. If you’re transporting heavy loads you’ll need to adjust your try pressures to cope with any changes. Remember that high temperatures can aggravate any existing tyre damage.

Overheating engine

Keeping an eye on your car’s temperature gauge will let you know the status of your cooling system – and whether your car is in danger of overheating. A slight weak spot in the seal can turn into a big leak. You should check the coolant level regularly – the coolant system actively cools down the engine and in hot weather has to work very hard. In the event, your car does overheat you need to immediately stop to give the engine time to cool down.

Fuel problems

If you put the wrong fuel in your car you’re not alone – this is another of the most common car problems and you mustn’t start your engine. You’ll need a fuel assist technician to drain and flush the fuel out of your system and get you up and running again.

Stressed clutch cable

A key sign of the clutch wearing down is the smell of burning. Stop starting driving styles can contribute to the clutch wearing down quickly when combined with hot weather conditions. A broken clutch cable can cause serious problems – if you notice any changes to the way the clutch feels when you press the pedal you need to pull over in a safe spot and call for assistance.

Lost keys

Most modern car keys include a microchip designed to stop your car from being stolen – it’s a good idea to keep a spare one at home. If you do lose your key you’ll need a technician who can securely programme a new key to your vehicle from an authorised dealership.

Car BreakdownsCall in the Professionals

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