Peugeot 307 Known Faults

The Peugeot 307 remains a popular family car. It was manufactured between 2001 and 2007. And was the European Car of the Year in 2002. During 2005 significant changes were made to the headlamps, grille, and front bumper. Giving it a new signature look. And increasing sales of this versatile car with it’s many choices of power and fuel economy.

Unfortunately, second-hand models can sometimes fail to meet those initial statements of quality motoring and reliability. Look at some Peugeot 307 known faults here before you buy…

1. Steering column indicator stalks

Peugeot 307 faults include steering column stalks. If they start to make a loud clicking noise when you’re turning a corner this could indicate a failing. Unfortunately, if this happens it may mean an entire steering column replacement.

2. Suspension knocking issues

A knocking noise coming from the suspension points to a problem with the suspension brushes. Or the anti-roll bar link. Either will need replacement parts. If clunking noises are heard when you turn slowly this could be a driveshaft concern and may be quite expensive to fix.

3. Electrical Issues

If there’s any doubt over the electrics it’s wise not to invest. Peugeot 307 problems range from a complete electric shut down. To engine management failure on the dashboard. Not starting, no power, and faulty roof operation are also included. Thoroughly check wipers, lights – including centre console and handbrake warning lights. Nasty wiring connections can account for many electrical concerns.

4. Brake Pedals and Problems

Brake pedals that actually break are one of the known faults of this particular model. Give the pedals a thorough check to make sure they are complete. And that they haven’t been badly replaced as this could be the cause of a potential accident.

Brake problems include defective ABS warning lights that are now an MOT test failure. Open circuits and faulty wiring may be the cause. More complicated ABS matters are related to sensor bolts connected to the hub. As the hub area corrodes the sensors are pushed away from the magnetic ring and stop making a proper contact and reading. The entire area will need to be cleaned. And the code reader will need to be reset.

5. Interior Flaws

Another common problem is the interior carpets parting from the sills due to lack of connecting clips. This can easily be resolved by fitting new clips to hold the carpet securely. Seatbelt anchorage points can be a concern so ensure they are secure and safe. Corroded fixings will need to be welded.

6. Body Panel Alignment

When the body panels of any car aren’t aligned properly it actually reduces fuel efficiency and can slow the car down. Look for uneven joins between the panels, and any unusual bends or twists. This is a known problem with the Peugeot 307.

7. Power Windows

Power operation systems failure will result in the windows not opening or closing properly – or at all. A costly replacement motor may be needed if this is identified as the cause.

8. Diesel Filter Warnings

If you’re considering a diesel version there may be issues with a build-up of unwanted particles on the diesel particulate filter. This will be indicated by a message on the dashboard stating “unblock diesel filter”. This can become a common problem if you only use your car for short journeys. To avoid this recurring, you need to drive for at least 15 minutes on the open road at consistent speeds.

Recall Information

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Since 2002 Peugeot have recalled the 307 model more than 15 times for various faults relating to different issues. Before you make your purchase insist on seeing the log book so that you can check that any issues have been addressed. And fixed.

Trusted Car Recovery Services

If your Peugeot 307 breaks down you’ll want a swift solution. Call a reputable company that offers roadside assistance. All you need to do is get confirmation that your location is covered. And receive a free quote.

A highly trained driver will be with you quickly. And you’ll get your car taken to wherever you want it to go. Home, or to your nearest garage. Your breakdown recovery will be carried out under full insurance cover. Any time you need this service it’ll be available for you.