Top 10 Ugliest Cars Of All Times

Unpleasant or repulsive in appearance is the definition of ugly. Unattractive, plain, and unsightly are other synonyms that readily come to mind. And occasionally car manufacturers get it wrong. And produce a car that regardless of research and engineering is really dreadful.

See the Top 10 ugliest cars of all time here…

1. Sebring-Vanguard Citicar

This American made electric car was inspired by the golf cart and looked like a wedge-shaped enclosed version. Heavy batteries hindered performance and the car was amazingly primitive.

2. Fiat Multipla

This ugly small car had a weird set of lights at the base of the windscreen giving it an alien-like appearance. The centre console was bizarre, and the door mirror adjuster was in the roof! Avant-garde and bold was the sales pitch. Gargoylesque and wacky the reality.

3. Nissan S-Cargo

Inspired by the appearance of a small post-war delivery van this small retro commercial van went on sale in 1990. Options included an electric canvas roof which helped as the tallest point of the cargo area is above the passenger compartment.

4. Bond Bug

This wedge design bug styled in the 1970’s was intended to transform personal transport. However, it lacked the stability of a four-wheeler, and was quite scary to drive on the road. It was almost exclusively painted orange, with white and lime green produced for promotional purposes.

5. Daewoo Tico

Apart from looking unpleasant the generally fragile chassis dented easily and drove as if you were in an aquarium. When turning at higher speeds it was also insecure. This city car had sharp corners and broken body lines.

6. AMC Pacer

This car of profoundly bad taste had asymmetric doors with the right door being longer than the left for ease of passenger access. The pudding shape provided sheer hilarity until it featured in the 1992 cult movie Wayne’s World. Then it became known as futuristic, bold, and unique.

7. Nissan Cube

The cube featured an asymmetric rear window that wrapped around the left side of the car giving it a flatfish-like appearance. The slumping windows were another burst of automotive eccentricity. Elongated headlamps spreading across the grill didn’t help with the chunky shape and foursquare stance.

8. Suzuki X-90

This bizarre amalgamation of car parts had the front end of a Japanese economy car. And the rear had a wing bolted onto its tail. This concept car was voted one of the worst cars of the last 20 years in a 2013 Top Gear magazine survey.

9. Pontiac Aztec

The ugliest features on this car were the hunchbacked slab-sided body balanced on tiny 3-spoke wheels. The entire bottom half of the car was covered in plastic cladding, and introduced a strange dual bonnet situation. There was nothing sleek about the styling as it resembled an early 1990’s minivan. With huge wheels and unsightly trim.

10. Reva G-Wiz

This Indian built small micro electric car had a bug-eyed front and tall, flat panes of window glass. It looked awkward, and often had gapping bodywork that let the rain in. As well as being crooked and mismatched the car was also relatively unsafe to drive as it had the potential to roll at speeds of over 30mph.

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