Should I Store My Motorcycle in Garage or Outside ?

With the onset of winter, you may decide not to ride your motorcycle as much. But with slight changes in riding styles you can carry on using it safely. And if you choose a good place to store your bike, you’ll also be able to do those jobs that you never managed to do in the summer.

So, should I store my motorcycle in a garage or outside?

Read on for the answer…

Storage Options

Storing a motorcycle in a storage unit is a good idea. As long as you remember that it needs to be dry and well-ventilated. Damage can be done to your bike from storing it in cold and damp conditions. Positioning of the bike is also important. Keep it away from windows and doors to prevent exposure to winter sunlight and icy drafts.

Paddock stands will keep your bike in a sturdy position with the weight off the tyres. If you don’t have access to these simply put a piece of old carpet on the ground under the tyres and change position of the tyres every few weeks to prevent flat spots.

Over-inflating the tyres will help them keep their shape. But remember to go back to the correct pressures in the spring.

How to store a motorcycle in a garage is straightforward too. Just follow a few simple rules:

  • Clean it first – dry it off completely and follow up with an anti-corrosion protector spray on exposed metal to avoid damp. And re-grease cables and linkages that need lubricating.
  • Keep the battery charged – use a battery charger to trickle charge and keep it topped up. An alternative to prevent a dead battery is to completely remove it and store it in a warm place.
  • Top up the fuel – a full tank will stop the inside of the tank rusting but you’ll need to start the bike regularly. Special additives can be used to help prevent fuel degradation which affects performance.
  • Block air intakes – not only does this help stop damp, but also prevents rodents from nesting in the airbox or exhausts. Gently position rags or cloths in any holes.
  • Change the oil – before storage do an oil change to ensure that any old oil, dirt, or sludge doesn’t settle near the oil filter.
  • Don’t forget the brake fluid – as the fluid can attract damp and cause air bubbles in the system re-bleed in the spring.

parked motorcycle

Braving the Elements

How to store a motorcycle without a garage needs a little more thought. You’ll need to keep it away from common walk-ways to prevent people from damaging it.

And you’ll want to find a sheltered spot. Investing in specialised outdoor bike covers will help keep out the worst weather. And use a good lock with a ground anchor. Or fit an immobiliser alarm to deter thieves.

Another consideration is an inflatable bike chamber. These seal your machine in an environment that’s completely airtight and filtered. But they can be quite expensive.

Leaving your bike outside often means greater depreciation in value and could higher your insurance rates. So, storing your bike indoors will save you money in the long run.

Motorcycle Recovery

Even when you’ve stored your motorcycle properly there may come a time when it breaks down! Don’t panic – simply call a trusted professional recovery service to get 24-hour help and support.

You’ll be able to get a free quote for fast roadside assistance. And a clear estimated time for the arrival of your expert. If your motorcycle can’t be fixed on site it’ll be taken to the garage of your choice. Or back to your driveway. And you’ll get full insurance protection throughout.